The Lilies Foundation was founded in January 2016, by Joseph Oko Adokwei, a dance instructor in Accra and native of Osu, and Kim Wiggin, a teacher and school administrator from Connecticut in America. Joe discovered that many of the children participating in his dance program were not going to school, because their families could not afford the fees for the application forms, uniforms, and required supplies. Through the generosity of numerous people in America, funds were raised to lease and renovate a building in Osu that quickly became the Lilies of the Field Academy. Many volunteers in Osu helped to complete the building, and then continues to offer their time and talents to begin teaching the children basic reading, writing, and mathematics. In April 2016, our first four students passed the entrance exam and began school at two of the local government schools in Osu. The numbers have continued to grow consistently, and 60 children entered school in September 2017 for the 2017-18 school year.

The children attend school Monday-Friday, and come to Lilies after school for supervised homework help and enrichment activities until dinner time. Many of the children then remain for the evening and study traditional African dancing and drumming. Some of these children have performed throughout the greater Accra region at festivals, competitions, and other public performances. Five of the girls competed in the 2017 Ghana Talented Kids contest on television, and made it all the way to the finals!

The Lilies Foundation is a nonprofit organization.

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An introduction to the wonderful work we are doing through The Lilies Foundation at the Lilies of the Field Academy in Osu, Accra, Ghana!