How You Can Help

Student Sponsorship:

Your gift of $325 will allow a child to attend school for an entire school year. Your donation covers all school fees, exam fees, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, toiletries, and a hot lunch every day. It is hoped that sponsors will remain committed to their sponsored child through high school.

Teacher Fund:

Your donation will help provide consistent funds that allow us to pay the teachers and staff that work with the children every day. In addition to academic instructors, we have dance and drumming teachers who work with the children every day.

Building Fund:

Join our “Raise the Roof” campaign for the new classroom building. There are multiple needs for donations, in the following areas:

–      Bricklayer–$50-$99
–      Foreman–$100-$250
–      Engineer–$251-$499
–      Inspector– $500-$999
–      Lilies Angels– $1,000+

Unrestricted Gift:

Your unrestricted gift will help defray the cost of travel for the students to perform at festivals and competitions, and any of the myriad of additional expenses that arise throughout the year as we continue to fulfill our mission to provide education to any child who asks for it in the Osu neighborhood.