Kim Wiggin (founder): With degrees in music and special education, Kim has had an exciting career as a teacher and administrator for over 30 years. She is also an avid traveler, and has visited exotic locations all over the world. Kim and her husband John are the directors of the Snow Pond Center for the Arts in Sidney, Maine, home of the prestigious New England Music Camp, and Snow Pond Arts Academy, the first public charter arts school in Maine. Since 2013, Kim has been traveling to Ghana, where she has volunteered at orphanages and schools in the greater Accra region. Following her retirement from teaching in May 2018, she will live part of the year in Ghana, where she is building a house in Pram Pram.

Joe is the co-founder and CEO of Lilies of the Field academy. He was born in Osu, in the same neighborhood where Lilies is now located, the fourth of ten children. A dancer and choreographer, he started his career with the Ghana Dance Ensemble at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana in Legon. He also taught many levels of dance to African and foreign students at the university. Joe participated in dance film projects with the department of theater and dance, and performed in dance, choreography, and acting workshops. In 2014, he led a dance group to win the second position of Samsung cultural icon in Ghana and was signed as a dance instructor.

Joe has taught traditional African dance throughout many schools in the greater Accra region. In 2015, he began offering basic skills education to many of the children in his dance program in Osu, recognizing that they were not attending school due to lack of money for fees. That was the start of the Lilies of the Field Academy. In early 2017, he trained and led the Lilies Dance Crew to win the title of cultural Ambassadors on season 8 of Ghana Talented Kids. He is committed to helping the less privileged children of Osu have access to the education that will help them rise out of the poverty they are facing.

Luigia is our head teacher at Lilies of the Field Academy, and is responsible for planning and overseeing all of the academic and enrichment programs. She is from La, a sub city in the Greater Accra Region. After attending primary and junior high school is Osu, she started Senior High School at Albert Academy where she pursued studies in the Business Secretarial field. She continued her education at the Ambassador Secretarial Institute and obtained her typist certificate and stenographer credentials. She has worked with Business Interactive Consulting group (BIG) as an interviewer and a researcher, as well as at Synovate Research Company.

In 2015, Luigia started working on her own, teaching children who are less privileged in the Osu community. When she started teaching at Lilies, there were ten children, and now there are over 140. It is her dream that she will help them to pass their exams and move on to the next class. Luigia believes in the potential of all the children at Lilies, and is constantly encouraging them to become the best they can be.

Lucy Noamesi is from Accra, and is our primary dance instructor. Lucy has performed with the Afrique and Dzanyormor Dance Ensembles, and was the director of the Ghana Dance Ensemble in the African Studies department at the University of Ghana. She has traveled throughout Dubai and Belarus with the Dance Africa Tradition, and in Thailand during cultural exchanges. Lucy helped prepare the Lilies Dance Crew for their performances on the Ghana Talented Kids television competition in 2017.